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Name Alignment Race Gender Domains Subdomains Concept
Lonan LG Archon M Law, Good, Glory, Strength, War Archon, Heroism, Honor, Ferocity, Resolve, Tactics God of Valor in Battle
Kenlen LG Human M Good, Law, Community, Nobility, Protection Family, Home, Leadership, Martyr, Defense, Purity God of Protection and Martyrdom
Zauthriel NG Angel M Good, Glory, Healing, Knowledge, Protection Agathion, Honor, Heroism, Resurrection, Thought, Purity God of Divine Knowledge. The First Angel.
Yurthen Azvar NG Drawrf M Good, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Strength Memory, Thought, Arcane, Language, Wards, Resolve God of The Arcane
Hippy god (Moon Song and Flower Child) NG Fey F Good, Animal, Charm, ???, ??? Feather, Fur, Love, Lust
Malathel CG Elf F Chaos, Good, Healing, Liberation, Sun Restoration, Resurrection, Freedom, Revolution, Day, Light Goddess of Healing and The Sun (Elven Matron)
Tenaril CG Gnome F Chaos, Good, Animal, Plant, Repose Feather, Fur, Seasons, Decay, Growth, Ancestors Goddess of The Natural Way (Gnomish Matron)
Venase CG Azata F Chaos, Good, Fire, Liberation, Travel Azata, Ash, Freedom, Revolution, Exploration, Trade Goddess of Freedom and Wandering
Belorn Varshok LN Dwarf M Law, Artiface, Community, Earth, Protection Toil, Family, Home, Caves, Metal, Defense God of Engineering (Dwarven Matron)
Cebrel LN Inevitable F Law, Death, Repose, Rune, Darkness Inevitable, Ancestors, Souls, Wards, Loss, Night Judge and Gatekeeper of Souls
Ygranneth LN Brine Dragon M Law, Destruction, Water, Brine*, Weather Catastrophe, Rage, Oceans, Thirst*, Salt*, Storms God of Brine and Sea Storms
Tyrn Istra TN Human M Artificer, Healing, Magic, Plant, Fire Construct, Toil, Restoration, Arcane, Divine, Smoke God of Alchemy
UriLaix TN Elemental M Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Plant Cloud, Wind, Oceans, Smoke, Ice, Growth God of Elements and Survivalism
Arwyle CN Merfolk F Chaos, Luck, Travel, Water Fate, Exploration, Trade, Oceans Goddess of The Seas and Tides
Erkunesi CN Protean F Chaos, Luck, Darkness, Trick, Water Protean, Curse, Loss, Night, Deception, Ice Goddess of The Void and Limbo
Ryns CN Avallo F Chaos, Air, Liberation, Travel, Weather Cloud, Wind, Freedom, Revolution, Exploration, Storms Goddess of Winds and Storms
Araettiche LE Devil M Law, Evil, Charm, Trick, Nobility Devil, Love, Lust, Thievery, Deception, Leadership God of Deception and Disguise
Maliir LE Drow M Evil, Law, Darkness, Death, War Loss, Night, Murder, Undead, Blood, Tactics God of Darkness and Assassination (Drow Partron)
Ksher NE Daemon M Evil, Charm, Death, Knowledge, Magic Arcane, Daemon, Lust, Memory, Murder, Thought God of Power and Egoism
Nyren NE Halfling F Evil, Destruction, Death, Madness, Magic Catastrophe, Undead, Insanity, Nightmare, Arcane, Divine Goddess of Undead and Insanity
Kuuh CE Demon M Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Madness, War Demon, Catastrophe, Rage, Insanity, Nightmare, Blood God and Mayhem and Slaughter
Pasnaj CE ??? F Chaos, Evil, Scaleykind, Strength, Trick Demon, Ferocity, ??, ??, Deception, Thievery Goddess of Bestial Ferocity (Scaleykind Matron)
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